Writing to stand out!

In my Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts class this week, we had a guest speaker from Ford. Jonathan Beebe is the Digital Marketing Manager at Ford Motor Company who calls a lot of shots in terms of Public Relations and Marketing. He was a great speaker with a lot of advice to offer and being as successful as he is at such a young age is pretty inspirational. One of the things he spoke about was how to set your writing apart from everyone else in the field and how to use writing to your benefit.

  • “Give A Damn” It’s not enough to just write for the sake of getting your job done. His first piece of advice was to ‘give a damn’ and actually put forth passion into the subject you’re writing about! Rather you’re writing for something you love or something you haven’t really favored, make it worth the reader’s time by actually caring about it. Also, make sure your tone matches the brand you’re writing for. An advertisement or publication from Meijer won’t have the same tone as something from Dolce & Gabbana might. Keep this in mind when you’re writing so that you get across the right attitude.
  • “Give Up Yourself” Every time you meet someone, you give them a first impression. Impressions you leave on people are your own personal ‘brand’ that you will be associated with. Laziness and other forms of bad behavior can build your brand and reputation in a negative way. Be aware of it on a daily basis. Also, there’s a difference between writing for yourself to get something done and writing while being mindful of how your audience will read it. Try not to write with the thought “I need to get this done so I can get paid/get a good grade/get my job done.” Always ‘give up yourself’ in your writing so that you’re thinking “What would keep my audience interested in what I’m trying to say?”. Remember that your writing is successful if your readers feel more intelligent or accomplished when they’re done.
  • “Write Your Future” When you’re in school, you can work on a group project with people you don’t get along with while reminding yourself “After this project is done, I don’t ever have to work with them again.” You don’t have that luxury in the real world. When dealing with conflict, sometimes it’s best to cover your tracks. After coming to an agreement with your co-worker who you have conflict with, perhaps shoot him or her an e-mail rehashing what it was you discussed. Documenting things can sometimes keep your job. Be sure to keep your tone reasonable when trying to get your point across through e-mail. What you say in e-mails, and your tone, can determine rather you get a promotion or if you stay in the same position for years!

The advice he offered was priceless! It’s important to keep track of your personal brand, both in person and online. You never want to have a negative reputation because that can hinder your potential to move up at your company. Try to keep yourself easy to relate to, strong in your work ethic, and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. It can be the difference between you getting the job over someone else (who might even be more qualified for it).


2 Comments on “Writing to stand out!

  1. I’m a pro freelance writer but my 13-year old son won’t take advice from me willingly. SO I’m saving this post to share with him for his English essay assignments. You’ve got a great looking blog–so full of interesting pieces!

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