Acting NOW! Not later: The American Jobs Act

On Thursday night, I was in class for hours. I didn’t get home until 9:30 p.m. Some may have found that pretty annoying, but when I got home, I was charged with excitement. I arrived home with exciting news: the Detroit Free Press had quoted me in their Storify post (look for me about halfway down the page!).

For our class, we spent the evening live tweeting the speech given by President Obama concerning the American Jobs Act.  It wasn’t really my first time live tweeting, since I have tweeted my thoughts and opinions on various entertainment gatherings like the VMAs and the Grammy’s in the past, but it was my first time live tweeting for something political. It was definitely different, because unfortunately I’m not as familiar with politics as I am with all things movies, music, and television.

Overall, I enjoyed the live tweeting from the speech. Not only did I get a bit of cool recognition from one of the biggest newspapers in the state of Michigan, but I also had the opportunity to interact with my class about something that is going to immediately affect us post-graduation when we enter the real world. No matter what your opinion on President Obama and his policies, if the American Jobs Act goes into effect, we will see the changes in the long run.

One thing that live tweeting taught me is that I need to be more in tune with the happenings of our U.S. government. Some of the things the President referenced were new. Of course, the state of our economy has never been much of a secret, but the fact that a solution needs to be met by the end of the year or taxes will be raised on the middle class was something I had never heard about prior to Thursday night. Showing a focus to the speech in class was to teach us the value of live tweeting, but it also taught me to keep more of a watchful eye to the world around me.

Personally, I think Obama’s plan is pretty solid. It looks as though he has a very keen eye for fixing the state of our economy and bringing more jobs into our country. He did say this would all be paid for, and he explained how, but I’d like to see if things actually go according to plan. I’d like to see if our country can recover from this recession, and if we can keep the rich and wealthy from fleeing our nation to avoid high taxes. Hoping for the best, but expecting for the worst.


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