Why your bucket list should be on Facebook

I don’t hate Facebook. I love it. It helps me connect to some of my friends, most notably the ones that have moved away since we went through the traumatizing experience of branching out across the country after college graduation. However, between the influx of mommy memes, political barbs and overall negativity, Facebook has become a bit depressing to log into lately.

A photo gallery of my bucket list on Facebook. After every task is complete, I’ll upload a photo from the moment checking it off!

So, I decided to upload my bucket list on Facebook as a photo album. I used generic images to be the visual element of what I want to accomplish with a caption explaining what I want to do. The idea is to accomplish each item on my bucket list and upload a picture of it afterward, checking it off my list. One of the items on my list, skydiving, I hope to check off this Sunday. The reservations are all set. I’m ready to get started!

I haven’t seen anyone do this before, so I thought it might be a cool idea. I figured it may bring some positivity to what has otherwise been a pretty depressing news feed. Facebook is supposed to be the place we share our stories. Why not share what I hope mine will look like? Here’s why you should do it too:

  1. Take Facebook back from its “abusers” – I know I’m not the only one going through Facebook fatigue these days. After being on a social network for five years,

    A futbol game in Europe? Tell me that’s not an experience!

    it’s pretty natural. However, instead of complaining about it, we should do something to try and enjoy it again. I know the mud-slinging from everyone’s favorite political parties can be a drag, and sometimes it’s depressing to watch your friends grow up when you still remember the night you stayed up late enough to watch the sunrise. But, why should we be sad things are changing? With change comes new opportunity. Use your must-achieves to combat the repetitive Facebook faux pas that has been getting you down. While people around you are settling into routine, show them that you’re breaking outside the mold and doing what you want to do while you’re able. Who knows; you might just inspire a reunion.

  2. It holds you accountable – Too often do people write down a bucket list and shove it in a drawer somewhere, never to be seen again. I don’t want to do that. I want my bucket list to be easily accessible, not only for me, but for my friends and family to see. I want people to admire the idea, not because I want the credit, but because I want to be reminded that I’ve committed myself to making these things happen. Things on your list may not happen tomorrow, or next year, or in the next five years. But, so long as they’re visible, you’ll have a reason to make them happen before you no longer have the chance.
  3. Use Timeline to chronicle your journey– Facebook introduced Timeline with a video the helps you understand what it can be used for: a digital scrapbook of your life. Timeline was met with a lot of opposition. I don’t understand that. Isn’t it a cool concept to not only have something you use regularly be the one-stop shop for all of the best moments in

    One of the items on my bucket list, skydiving, I hope to check off this weekend. I’m registered to go Sunday. Wish me luck!

    your life, but to have that medium shared directly with the people who mean the most to you? It seemed to make perfect sense to me. A bucket list, in my opinion, isn’t just mine to check off; it’s my trophy case for my friends to see when they stop by to see what’s new in my life. It can be the same for you!

  4. Share goals with my Facebook friends – How many of your Facebook friends have you met? How many are you close with? How many have you fallen out of touch with? People come and go in your life, but in some way they leave an impression on you. Maybe they taught you how to love, maybe they taught you how to plan or maybe they taught you how to dream. For me, sharing my bucket list helps me share who I am with my friends, either the ones I’m close with or the ones who I haven’t spoken to in a while, but I still remember well enough not to delete. Show off your personality! Show off your goals! Show those who follow you what is important to you. Let’s stop acting like we don’t care what our friends are saying or doing with their lives just because we haven’t spoken to them in a year or so. Chances are, if you haven’t deleted them already, you either care what they’re up to or you want them to care what you’re up to. Make your story stand out.
  5. Be an inspiration to yourself, and maybe others– As mentioned earlier, sometimes people fall into the routine of life instead of trying to make it count. It’s easy to forget that you weren’t created only to work, do errands, watch TV and sleep every day of the week. This world is so big, the opportunities are so large, that you will never do everything there is to do in a lifetime. Don’t get comfortable. Comfortable is boring!

    One of the items on my bucket list? Enjoy real buffalo wings in Buffalo, NY. Yum!

    Inspire yourself to think outside the box and see what this little rock called Earth has to offer. Travel. Be bold. Break through your restrictions and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Let your bucket list be your inspiration to get started, and maybe the inspiration to your friends to start on their own. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest; dream big, dream loud, but most importantly, give it your all to make those dreams come true.

    Would you upload your bucket list on Facebook? Why or why not?


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