#P2P: A new personal journey

Have you ever met someone who truly inspired you? Have you ever been friends with someone who you can talk to for an hour, yet when that hour runs out you’re ready to take on the world? Have you ever known someone who has taken terrifying risks to chase their dreams — and accomplished more than they could have ever imagined in the process?

I have. These are the people that inspire me. These are the people whose stories should be shared with the world.


Several weeks back, I decided it was finally time to do something for myself that will enrich my understanding of the world and those around me. I decided to pursue a personal journey of conversation with those I know, those I wish to know and those I’ve spoken to but have never truly understood. I decided to pursue a new blog project: #P2P.

“B2B and B2C no longer exists. All that matters now is P2P. People-To-People.”
— Jeremiah Owyang

#P2P is my social experiment that I began in November. I’ll interview people with powerful stories of risk, change and pursuing their passions — some who are friends, some who are strangers, some who are personal idols. I’ll share those stories on my blog over the next year or so, keeping their quotes in tact to share their personality, their inspiration, with anyone interested in reading it.

I’ll speak to someone who moved to Los Angeles from Michigan to pursue a modeling career. I’ll speak to someone who is running 100 races in 52 weeks for Alzheimer’s disease — all in memory of his grandmother who passed away from the disease. I’ll speak to someone who spent the summer of 2013 in Africa, greeted the very first night at one of her camps by a cackle of hyenas surrounding their campsite.

There’s a lot to learn from those around you. It’s my goal to learn as much as I can. Subscribe to this blog to get the latest #P2P entries, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

The journey so far.



9 Comments on “#P2P: A new personal journey

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