#P2P Update

Hey all,

Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I really do appreciate everyone who is interested in hearing more about the stories of some of the most influential and inspiring individuals I’ve come across.

You may or may not have noticed that there was no profile last week. Unfortunately, there won’t be one this week either. I have been working hard to pack for both my move to Seattle and my vacation in Austin — which I’ve just returned from. As I work through this transition to Seattle at the end of this week, I’m going to need to focus all of my attention on getting my move situated and seeing my friends and family one more time before I head out west.

I already have several profiles in the works and plan to continue them the moment I am settled. When I have the time, I hope to catch back up and continue releasing profiles once a week. Thanks for understanding, stay tuned!

In the meantime, revisit some of our previously shared profiles:

“I’m the poorest I’ve ever been, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

#P2P Vol. 1: Timmy Moutrie

“I said to myself ‘I’m not going to let this big, scary city defeat me.’”

#P2P Vol. 2: Ciara McVey

“Now, I know who I am and I just keep feeding the fire. It’s sick.”

#P2P Vol. 3: Courtney Fraley

“Before people said that Detroit was dead, they said that Detroit was the best.”

#P2P Vol. 4: Jeff Wegner

“Go do something crazy, random, spontaneous. That’s when you’re going to have the best time of your life.”

#P2P Vol. 5: Krystal Penrose


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